Ahead on quality

Njord Seafood is a company with a history dating back to 2003.

In 2017 the company resurfaces consisting of four people with long and varied experience working with the honourable traditional trade that is fish.

We seek partners who will work to further the interests of Norway as a fishing nation, and give consumers around the world a first class product.
We care, and so should you.

If you look at our website, and compare with other companies, you will see ours is not outsourced. We did not dial a number and place an order.
It is symptomatic of our goal as a company. We don't want to outsource, we want all men on deck in whatever we do.
We want you to challenge us, we want to challenge you.

This site will be be updated as we go.

We don't blog about our opinions, we live and trade by them. Mind you, when that is said, we probably would blog about them, if between us we found we could, but bloggers, we are not.

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