Andreas Santi Falch

General Manager

Andreas Santi Falch is the general manager, he is head of purchase and sales. He and Torunn work all markets.

He has worked with fish all his life, and he is no spring chicken anymore. Few have as broad an experience with fresh white fish as Santi.

We mention:

- Food technologist

- Sales leadership

- Production leadership

- Many years of being hands on in trading, production and administration


Torunn Haukanes


Torunn Haukanes, alongside Santi, make up our _whole_ sales department. Torunn is the one you want, she is the one you want to seek out if you want to feel special. Tell her what you need, and Torunn will tell us that ' this fish is mine'. And so it will be.

Torunn has 9 years experience working with export of wild caught fish in the European market. After 5 years in the offshore business she is now back where it all started.. She also loves practicing her Spanish whenever she has a chance. 

We mention:

- Several years trading fish for bigger traders

- Studies in economy/ marketing and Spanish

- Fish store, purchase and preparation

- Packing​
- Fish marked, Norway

- Hyper marked, Spain


André Lauritzen

Controller & Logistics

André Lauritzen is our documents- and logistics guy. The man working behind the scene.
From netfishing with glas bulbs and stone weights, to delivery in Spain. In short, the way the fish travels, so does André. The sad, but functioning fact is that André is one of few men who can say he is  totally unlovable, and thus, Njord Seafood AS is the one and only trader out of Norway who is literally OPEN 24 hours a day.


We mention:
- Fisherman (well, we can debate this point, but he is often referred to when people talk of crabs) 
- Team leader, fish distribution terminal
- Freight forwarder
- Quality and claims handler for fish transports

- Worked for one of the bigger fish traders in Norway working: inhouse it, back office, purchace, sales, controller

- Eleven years +, as a terminal worker in a fish distribution terminal


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